Anti-Kidnap Strategies

Abduction, Kidnap for Ransom or Extortion

The United Kingdom is acknowledged by the UN as a world leader in reducing the impact caused by kidnap and extortion offences, and KKG provides governments, international corporations and private individuals with related specialised services.

Kidnapping is motivated from either political or ideological aims, or by criminal gangs for pure financial gain. Public profile figures or their dependants, and the perceived wealth of their family or organisation attracts unwanted attention from kidnappers. Kidnap prevention is no longer a luxury service; it is an increasingly necessary precaution.

Whether conventional kidnap or tiger kidnap, our risk reduction strategies support clients including HNWI’s, heads of large corporations, media, NGO’s and celebrities. We provide a bespoke service in line with best practice management, allowing peace of mind to companies and their employees conducting international business.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 was a landmark in UK law. Companies may now be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in gross breach of a duty of care to their employees.

Our consultants assist client’s via our crisis management team, providing balanced impartial advice to successfully mitigate and resolve K&R incidents. We ensure our client is guided through each phase of the negotiation process through to resolution, enabling them to make sound decisions under extremely difficult circumstances.

Our level of service ranges from anti-kidnap awareness training and personal protection to negate any kidnap attempt or coping in captivity, to negotiation by K&R consultants and victim extraction by a hostage retrieval unit.

Anti-Kidnap Awareness Training

Our anti-kidnap awareness and incident management training programmes are specific to understanding kidnap or extortion, enabling participants to effectively recognise and identify threats, and respond appropriately to kidnap protocols. These programmes educate professionals working in potentially high-risk environments, and compliment services to many of our high profile clients.

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