Anti-Stalking Strategies

Looking Over Your Shoulder?

Anyone can be a potential victim of stalking or harassment, whether you are a celebrity with an obsessive fan or a member of the public receiving unwanted attention. Often, there may be a criminal element involved by a disgruntled employee or former business associate that will target you and your family.

A stalker will contact you repeatedly, regardless of you requesting otherwise, and they will try to be more involved in your life than you want them to be. They watch, follow, call, email or continually send mail and unwanted presents to you. Stalking can invoke feelings of psychological terror, making you a prisoner in your own life.

A stalker makes it their business to know where you have been, to whom you have spoken, what you have done and where you are going next. Stalkers become obsessive investigators, interrogators and intimidators. This leads the victim to experience a variety of emotions including anxiety, fear, isolation and depression.

Each stalking case needs to be addressed and dealt with individually and appropriately. Ignoring warning signs of unwanted attention can eventually escalate to violence if a stalker’s activities remain unimpeded.

Vulnerability + Threat = Risk

We adopt the UK Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model, a proactive initiative checklist for identifying, assessing and managing risk. It is a tried and tested risk checklist based on research about the indicators of high-risk domestic abuse.

We analyse all information on a timeline, including inappropriate or distressing letters, emails, texts, phone calls and other evidence gained. We assess the threat and investigate accordingly, providing professional advice and countermeasures to maintain as much personal balance and normality as possible whilst enhancing the safety of the victim.

We ascertain why the victim being targeted, and what may have instigated the threat. We establish the victims risk parameters and advise on the best course of action whilst carrying out the investigative process. If establishing that the suspect is unknown, we focus on information gained to initiate investigative strategies and subject surveillance.

A total review of the victims home and workplace security, times and routes to and from work, setting contingency plans, and provision of a close protection operative may be necessary, until we have concluded the process.

We determine the most effective response and appropriate solution within existing civil and legal frameworks. Our intervention plan of addressing the threat may be a one stage process by directly visiting the stalker, or there may be further remedies necessary such as a restraining order, mental health intervention and law enforcement involvement.

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