Asset & Courier Protection

Can You Say it’s Safe for Certain?

The transportation of valuable commercial goods including – private aircraft, jewellery, antiques, artwork, computer chips and sensitive corporate documents, are all targeted by an increasing and sophisticated professional criminal element. KKG evaluates threats faced against targeted assets, and offers an extensive range of security and associated protection services.

We provide a comprehensive international asset protection service for high-value goods and cargoes in transit, whether by land, air or sea, and static protection for fixed locations and critical infrastructure, ensuring that our clients’ everyday activities run securely without compromise.

Based on the type of business assets and requirements, we determine the potential for adverse events impacting a client’s assets, whether real, perceived or conceptual threats and empower security levels accordingly.

Our protection of assets may also be reinforced by provision of surveillance and counter-surveillance operatives, enhancing services to exhibition areas, high value yachts, private aviation and motor vehicles. We also provide protection of business assets during corporate takeovers on behalf of receivers.

We provide either a high level overt or discreet covert protection service for high-risk valuable goods, ensuring valuable asset protection and deliveries are carried out with upmost professionalism for our clients and their business, irrespective of the international destination.

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