Aviation Security Management

Providing Solutions to Secure Airlines and Airports

Our primary mission is two-fold;

  1. To provide operational anti-hijacking capabilities for the international civil aviation system. Through effective deployment of our aviation security teams, we detect, deter and defeat hostile acts affecting the safety of aircraft, airports, passengers and flight crews. Our Air Protection Unit fully integrates with passengers at airports and in-flight, to accommodate a low profile professional and pragmatic approach. Reliant on their continued specialised training and knowledge of behavioural profiling and current threats to the travel industry, they provide proportionate and appropriate levels of response to any perceived threat or disturbance. Our aim is to continue improving the efficiency of aviation security operations at government level.
  2. Offer enhancements to existing aviation security training with our Air Rage Countermeasures Programme. Focusing on delivery of effective capabilities for airline personnel, this modular programme provides realistic solutions when forced to control aggressive and violent passengers, and concentrates on non-lethal intervention skills favoured by countries governing strict firearms control. We ensure participants are capable of delivering a diplomatically appropriate level of response in controlling in-flight passenger disturbances with a professional and dynamic approach.

Air Rage Countermeasures Programme

Statistically, there is a 600% increase in disruptive passenger behaviour, threats and acts of terrorism to the aviation industry throughout recent years.

There are many causes of disruptive passenger behaviour including tiredness, delayed flights, anxiety and fear of flying, stress of travel, banning of smoking, the influence of both prescription and recreational drugs, and of course alcohol in a pressured environment.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security agrees that efforts to enhance training are critical to a successful flight and cabin crew security program. Therefore, in accordance with guidelines and objectives for in-flight security training as defined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), our specially designed programme has an overall strategic aim of enabling flight crew officials to develop a higher level of overall competencies relating to in-flight safety and security.

Structured from an aviation industry training needs analysis, our modular framework prepares air crews to effectively recognise potential conflict by interpretation of passenger behaviour, threat recognition and assessment, and resolve in-flight disruption by implementing appropriate response procedures of conflict resolution, tactical communication, aircraft specific physical intervention skills including control and restraint, and where necessary, defensive use of handcuffing procedures.

Our holistic approach with this programme compliments associated aviation security concepts by leading to; selectively targeting individuals for additional questioning, searching and isolation; recognition of possible criminal activity such as human trafficking, and current airline capabilities against hijacking by either lone wolf operators or terrorist groups.

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