Celebrity Protection

Public Figure? Private Life?

Public fascination with high profile celebrities, performing artists and high net worth individuals has led to inevitable intrusions into their privacy, with paparazzi and others seeking to monitor and record their movements. Many opportunists are keen to sell photos to the highest bidder, and social media now renders any photo taken less than 10 seconds away from international exposure. Our operatives therefore maximise the positive impact their role brings to visually supporting each client. Increasing cases of direct threats from stalkers, kidnappers and extortionists add to the volatile lifestyle of today’s celebrities and those in the public eye.

Our Approach …

To mitigate such risks, our officers are specifically selected because of their specialist skill sets, including anti-stalking, behavioural assessment and situational awareness. They are specialists in dealing deal with the unique last minute challenges that the celebrity circuit, entertainment industry and associated services demand.

We provide absolute discretion in the protection of celebrities from unwanted attention from obsessive fans, stalkers, paparazzi and criminal gangs. Our assignments range from short term projects, such as interviews, red carpet awards and major events, to protecting a celebrity’s privacy whilst on holiday, and longer-term projects including working with publicists and management on world tours, and provision of ongoing security for a celebrity, their family and personal residences.

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