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Mission Specific Protection – Uncompromising Standards

King’s Knight Group specialises in the provision of close protection services to royal families, diplomatic and government communities, corporate executives and high net worth individuals. Additionally, we provide prestige residential security at private residences and workplace locations for clients of prominence requiring a comprehensive approach to their safety.

Our protective services adapt to unique challenges faced in today’s society, and our pro-active strategies and preventative measures to counter threats against our clients are unparalleled. Our ethos and integrity support our objective of maintaining the highest standards of service, and our attribute in prioritising the safety and well-being of our clients is never relinquished.

With a holistic and analytical approach, we establish an acceptable balance of lifestyle and protection for each client, minimising risk to maintain a safe living and working environment. Factors addressed include but are not limited to; public exposure of a client and their families, any past security threats or incidents, review of any regular interacting persons with knowledge of their daily lives, and a full review of existing security measures.

Additionally, we provide 24/7 witness protection services to legal teams of Solicitors and Barristers, and for individuals involved in providing testimony in high profile court cases, where there is heightened interest from media, and possible threats from criminal gangs.

Protecting Clients Worldwide

Our company mandate demands that criteria for our Close Protection officers far exceeds standards outlined by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) government licencing body in the UK, and KKG adheres to guidelines set in the British Standard BS8507 (code of practice for close protection services).

Members of our close protection teams and special projects group are established key figures at the vanguard of operational security. Carefully selected from the international circuit of protective security, they draw experience from royal and diplomatic protection, military special-forces, specialised law enforcement and intelligence government agencies. We are proud to be able to provide male and female operatives in any country worldwide.

Wherever the destination, a great danger in today’s hostile environment are executives embarking on international travel without professional security planning. Our close protection services include corporate travel security training initiatives, designed to benefit company employees undertaking travel without a protective escort. With truly international reach and upmost discretion, we integrate pragmatic security advice and accredited personal safety training to corporate CEO’s, overseas ambassadors, NGO’s and executives considered to be at risk in high-risk locations.

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