High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Security Solutions

Our Approach – Absolute Discretion

King’s Knight Group is a leading provider of Protective Security Solutions, specialising in the safety of high net worth individuals, their families, assets and reputation. Our team also incorporates wealth management consultants, intelligence analysts, law experts and information technology to help protect our clients, their family, properties and assets.

We offer unbiased professional advice to reduce risk through preventative measures in all business and family related security matters. We establish holistic best practice solutions by seamlessly integrating security, enabling our clients to enjoy balanced, safe and secure lifestyles.

Public fascination with high net worth public figures has led to inevitable intrusions into their privacy, with increasing cases of unwanted attention, threats from stalkers, kidnappers and extortionists adding to the volatile lifestyle of todays’ fast paced high profile professionals.

With truly international reach and upmost discretion, we are reinforced by a unique network of effective subject matter experts and intelligence associates to ensure our clients live in the safest possible environment.

24/7/365 – Any Destination Worldwide

Our assignments range from short term projects such as securing a private event or public engagement, protecting a family’s privacy whilst on holiday, to longer-term contracts such as providing protective security at personal residences, and security of their yachts, private jets, vehicles, art and jewellery when in transit.

We provide a confidential and client focused consultative approach, and our responsibility for protection is co-ordinated on a continual detailed threat assessment. Reinforced by our operatives’ extensive police and government agency experience, protocol and skill sets, we are internationally recognised for delivering the highest standards of service, achieved by a diligent philosophy of exceeding a client’s expectations.

Wealth and Prominence – Where our knowledge and experience makes a difference

Our clients have the uppermost confidence in us to protect their assets with a best practice prevention based approach, tailoring our services to their risk environment and lifestyle preferences. Therefore, we are often requested to broaden our protective remit, and manage many services for HNWI’s and their family.

Working closely with the very best family offices and concierge service providers, we oversee liability management and lifestyle enhancements for our clients. Under these banners, we continue to deliver discreet protective solutions, also serving as trusted advisors, planners and managing concierge initiatives. We provide guidance and support when liaising with media, and any interactions with the law enforcement community. We are also able to carry out background screening and due diligence of key insiders, interview and maintain reports and appraisals of all domestic and administrational staff, contractors and suppliers, conducting a full risk assessment of business offices and personal residences.

We also offer family security training, encompassing a joint understanding of lifestyles, activities, habits and hobbies. We format systematical and dynamic risk assessments, recommending and supporting our clients in managing their preferences for safety and wellbeing. This framework also includes training in situational awareness, threat recognition, physical confrontation countermeasures, emergency options when under threat and crisis response protocols such as reducing risks during a home invasion, protection of minors including school related bullying and violence, travel related kidnap and other threats related to those of major net worth.

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