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Luxury hotels are popular destinations for the rich and famous, and are preferred venues for major events frequented by national and international dignitaries. Whilst the customer experience is the primary focus of the hospitality industry, King’s Knight Group provides blended and unobtrusive security solutions by addressing the specific risks faced today by hotels and hospitality facilities.

To ensure the provision of a completely effective security operation, we address all types of risk factor, evaluating a hotel’s current capabilities, successes and challenges within the spectrum of security. Our confidential security report illustrates objective assessments and recommendations, outlining areas of compromise and any solutions necessary to compensate. These are listed under the key headings – outer perimeter, access control, building analysis, operations, contingency planning, and training; safeguarding that a venue is well prepared to deal with any challenge, including threats of terrorism.

Security now needs to be in the DNA of the hospitality industry, where effective measures are taken into account at the design stage or renovation of hotel construction. KKG are at the forefront by assisting to provide knowledge in secure by design with architects. This can be complimented by the quality of knowledge in body language and behavioural profiling by security staff, management, and those working at concierge and reception desks, spas, restaurants and bars within a hotel facility.

Many security standards in the hospitality sector need to be actively reviewed, requiring enhanced counter-terrorism awareness and protective security procedures. These will enable staff to recognise and respond appropriately to such challenges, and in high pressure situations such as terrorist attacks, effectively trained employees become the deciding factor between continued success and failure.

Effective Security Training and Equipment

We ensure security and management personnel are effectively trained and prepared to handle dynamic threats against security faced in today’s environment.

Through a combination of on-line, classroom and on-site training, we deliver mission specific training in; conflict management, bomb threat awareness, corporate travel security initiatives, understanding terrorism and combating the terrorist threat, including recognition of hostile reconnaissance and behavioural profiling.

For the majority of attacks, crime can be exposed at the time of hostile reconnaissance, making a facial recognition system a positive asset for early detection – with proactive video analytics software, enabling the analytic solution to alert the security operation when a threat is detected.

Enhanced access control systems are now key in respect of mitigating against crime. Whilst human intelligence is primary, facial detection and ANPR recognition systems compliment the security structure.

In addition to the above, we are able to provide our in-house trained hotel security operatives to complete an overall balanced approach to integrate within the traditionally non-intrusive and select atmosphere of luxury hotels.

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