Intelligence & Investigation

Global Objectives Against Terrorism and Organised Crime

We gather information to secure advantages for our client’s future and security. Offering a confidential service with operatives direct from the international intelligence community, we carry out specialist projects for corporations worldwide, including industrial espionage countermeasures, security reviews of policies and procedures, fraud and corruption contingency planning, and kidnap reduction strategies.

We reduce vulnerabilities by using a systematically phased approach with a holistic risk informed process, mitigating threats and reinforcing resilience, utilising detection, prevention, response, training and technological development.

Silent Detection – Effective Solutions

Our consultants follow trends in political risk and business climates, utilising in-country experts and intelligence analysts to research threats as they evolve. This enables our clients to prepare for, monitor and appropriately respond to disruptive incidents and potential threats unfolding in real time that my impact their staff and assets internationally.

We also supply threat management consultants to evaluate and resolve stalking investigations, and implement undercover and covert surveillance operations. Additionally, we provide geopolitical and corporate risk management, utilising in-country experts and intelligence analysts to research threats as they evolve, and advise tactical teams in strategic reconnaissance and infiltration operations for the recovery of assets and personnel.

Red Team Intrusion – Penetration Testing

Our consultants challenge existing security measures using a balance of social engineering techniques, penetration testing and response systems, competency reviews and technical security sweeps to ensure that security is effective and applied appropriately. We assess vulnerabilities and security awareness without disruption of day to day business activities, producing a report with recommendations to enhance our client’s security culture and business continuity plans.

Investigations – Discreet, Resourceful, Innovative

We provide reliable evidence, enabling our clients to focus on key issues and make timely, legal informed decisions with privileged and credible information.

Our selection of investigative services include; computer forensic analysis, behavioural science monitoring, due diligence, and surveillance services for the legal, commercial, insurance and private sectors. We also carry out detailed background reporting and pre-employment screening to ensure vital employee business decisions by qualifying the status of applicants for prospective positions including yacht crews and household staff.

Complimented by our technical services including vehicle tracking, secure mobile communications and bug sweeping, our asset tracing services are designed to establish the financial profile of an individual, track and monitor their hidden assets, which may be concealed from relatives or business associates. Our reports assist in the evidence of ownership, investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

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