Maritime Security Management

Marine Intelligent Security – Pragmatic Solutions

We offer a dedicated international network of fully qualified maritime security consultants and operatives, providing either discreet or overt protective security services. We operate in full compliance with IMO regulations, implementing intelligence led risk assessments and deployment of teams to counter threats of crime, including; sabotage, acts of piracy, kidnap and ransom, armed robbery, and other hostile acts of violence against luxury yachts, merchant shipping, tankers, container ships, cable and pipe laying vessels, cruise ships, port facilities and offshore platforms.

Insight Specific

With the flexibility to adapt in the ever changing security environment, we detect and deter security threats, taking appropriate preventative measures and active responses as necessary to protect our clients and their assets, business and vessels, all passengers, crews, cargoes, and those working within port facilities.

Our systematic risk assessments review existing operational security procedures, current threats and vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations of appropriate enhanced guidance, policies and procedures, countermeasures and contingencies. Our consultants and training team address vulnerabilities, promote a thorough understanding of improvements necessary from both a deterrence and defensive perspective, and provide solutions to complete a strategic approach.

Taking full account of The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code Regulations (ISPS Code) and BMP4, whether aboard or ashore, our comprehensive solutions also include maritime threat intelligence and risk monitoring, technological security systems installation, tracking and response services, specialised training courses, and crisis response in respect of kidnap, hijacking and natural disasters.

Maritime Security – Operational Teams

We administer operational security teams to safeguard offshore oil and gas facilities, and are able to deploy ‘Accompanying Sea Security Enforcement Teams’ (ASSET) to escort marine vessels whilst in transit through high-risk territorial waters. Additionally, our marina and dockside security teams are supported by divers for underwater inspections, ensuring integrated solutions to confidently preserve our client’s security, investments and reputation.

Our specialists have gained their experience predominantly as former Royal Marines Commandos or as officers in the Royal Navy. With operational qualifications in accordance with the IMO and exceeding relative industry standards, their practical abilities confidently and successfully meet today’s threats against the maritime security industry.

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