Protective Surveillance

Covert Security with Peace of Mind

Surveillance is often the first line in a multi-layered defence system that our protective security operatives will utilise against a potential threat. Many of our clients prefer this less intrusive low profile approach as an alternative to the more overt close protection services.

We often integrate protective surveillance with our Security Driver Service. This ensures a discreet and effective option to protect a clients’ privacy whilst enhancing security, with the client safe in the knowledge that an immediately responsive security team is in the vicinity should any situation arise.

We enhance this service by employing GPS tracking to immediately locate a client in real time. We can easily set up electronic ‘geo-fencing’, enabling us to be aware if a client diverts from a pre-determined area. This service relates not just to a client’s location, but also their vehicles, children, pets and mobile assets such as luggage.

Evidence is gathered in order to ascertain the best course of remedial action necessary. All information is stored, enabling a historical pattern of tracking data to be collated and assessed as necessary. We also provide special apps on smart phones for immediate communication in event of a required emergency response, or separate covert devices with a panic button, which can be positioned for immediate access, such as a belt buckle or key fob.

In complex situations, there may be credible information to suggest that a client is being followed. We further enhance our protective layers of security with the provision of counter-surveillance operatives, to observe our team’s actions with the client, and identify any third parties who may be monitoring such movements. The overall objective is to clarify third party involvement, and if necessary to initiate covert countermeasures to deter, delay or deny any further surveillance of our clients.

Where necessary, we also employ the services of our ‘Technical Surveillance Countermeasures’ (TSCM) team, to carry out physical searching and an electronic ‘bug sweeping’ inspection. This is to identify any equipment that may be used to gather information in respect of corporate espionage against a company or evidence gathering to exploit an individual.

Our team of protective surveillance operatives are handpicked from the intelligence community, specialist police units and other government agencies. Their duties adhere to the legal boundaries applicable to the country of operation, whilst retaining discretion and the confidentiality of our client at all times.

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