Residential Security Services

Intelligent Property Protection – Safety at Home, Hotel Suites and Workplace Environments

Whether an opportunistic or organised intrusion of privacy, a country estate or city townhouse, there is heightened risk for luxury residences owned by those of wealth and in the public eye. Movements of the owner can be easily anticipated via outside sources such as employees sharing information, journalist announcements or social media monitoring, all rendering properties vulnerable if unoccupied. There is an even greater violation of privacy when homes have been targeted when occupied.

Effectively Reducing Risk – Multi-layered Protective Property Solutions

Evaluations – Structured to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities, we carry out physical and technological systematic crime reduction surveys of residences. We modify any existing security measures where necessary to maximise deterrent effectiveness, reflecting the sensitivity to architectural, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of the client.

We reduce risks associated with invasions to privacy, unauthorised access, criminal activity, and unwanted interruption from disgruntled employees, paparazzi, stalkers, corporate or political protesters, and possible kidnapping attempts.

Closely interlinking with our executive protection services, and whether on a temporary or permanent basis, our residential security management includes:

  • reports of all daily activity
  • internal and external security patrols of immediate and surrounding areas
  • monitoring of CCTV and access control
  • fire and intrusion alarm response
  • screening of mail
  • vetting of household staff, suppliers and contractors
  • contractor maintenance management
  • conflict management advice for household staff
  • physical protection of family members, staff and assets
  • searching and securing of rooms for privacy at meetings


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