Risk Management

Providing a Proactive Multi-disciplined Approach

King’s Knight Group delivers turn-key solutions comprising of multiple security services in the identification and mitigation of risks. As a leading provider of security consultancy and business support services, we enable clients to succeed safely in complex and challenging business environments worldwide.

Operating with up most integrity and confidentiality, our holistic approach to risk management ensures our clients are able to proceed with the knowledge that effective security planning and solutions are in place, and achieve their strategic business objectives within a clearly defined framework.

Organisations trust and invest in us for security guidance, and to ensure their assets are protected with suitable tailored countermeasures to balance against potential threats.

We address facility and company security on several levels, and the most productive approach requires the multi-disciplined expertise found with our security professionals. Our team’s logical mitigation strategies determine and validate appropriate security levels for real, perceived and conceptual threats. We then prioritise action plans, recommend appropriate security measures, and implements solutions where necessary.

Strategic Security Development

Decision Making Process, Risk ManagementOur intelligence led proactive advice assists in building or advancing comprehensive security programmes, business continuity plans, policies and procedures, and preparation to prevent and successfully manage a crisis, minimising impact to our client’s organisations.

We utilise industry specific risk reduction procedures that incorporate effective deter, detect, delay and response measures to protect our clients and their assets.

Our approaches for security decision makers to consider are avoidance, reduction, spreading, transfer and acceptance. Our objectives are to decrease any threat level by eradicating, intercepting and blocking opportunities through enhanced security, or reducing consequences should an incident occur.

Do You Have an Operational Risk Management Programme Governing Global Operations and Travel?

What strategy is your organisation implementing to determine what assets (people, facilities, supply chain, key clients etc.) may be impacted by the increasing severity and frequency of global events?

As organisations continue to expand into new and emerging markets, the demand for security consultations and evaluations has increased. From continued corporate success and expansion globally incorporating business travel, there are now greater risks posed by recent events which require risk management programmes to be adapted, meeting new and emerging threats, preparing, monitoring and effectively responding to today’s challenges.

Board Level, Executive Decision Support

Many clients require our company to manage their security related projects, and contract us either on a temporary or permanent basis for specific assignments, giving us opportunity to provide tailored strategies from our intimate understanding of their operating environments.

We also provide solutions for corporations who require occasional security support in certain areas such as close protection, event security, security awareness training, travel security management, and technical surveillance countermeasures.

Through bench-marking and strengthening vulnerabilities, meeting and exceeding industry standards, and providing training to senior leaders, we enable clients to effectively prepare for, monitor and respond to emerging threats. This means high quality, high impact decisions at board level, optimising the investment in security measures with our confidential support to guide risk informed decision making across both physical and cyber domains.

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