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In an ever changing environment, we design, evaluate, implement and monitor security strategies. Our objective is to mitigate risk and protect our clients, their family, business, assets and reputation worldwide.

Our tailored solutions integrate threat intelligence, innovative technology and security services to mitigate risk in both personal and business realms. We evaluate threats and vulnerabilities to manage risks applicable to our client’s executive residences, organisational facilities including headquarters, satellite locations including offices, distribution centres, and manage travel routes and safety related concerns including hotel accommodation. We also ensure that digital information and communications are secure.

Our organisational security assessment process focuses on our client’s company and business, its physical environments of operation, provision of services, working personnel, technological influence and business partners. Additionally, we implement a demographic analysis of criminal activity, sensitive nearby facilities and companies which may have a negative impact against our clients should an incident occur.

Whether addressing requirements for facility security or executive protection, we review any existing security and operational procedures, recommend improvements where relevant and engage proportionate countermeasures to mitigate risks. We ensure that security objectives are met by concentrating on four modules to develop a dynamic security risk assessment –

  • Asset classification – we define priorities to establish how critical each asset is to the client.
  • Threat assessment – we identify and analyse potential threats classified into sections including criminal, natural or accidental.
  • Vulnerability analysis – we review the association of assets and threats to define methods for compromise, by identifying any physical, operational and procedural weakness, and implement countermeasures to minimise probability of incidents. Our objective is to develop an overall profile that defines threats which may affect the seamless operation of our clients business and daily lifestyle. We define these threats under three headings; real, perceived and conceptual threats.
  • Security measures – from recommendations in our specific risk matrix, we integrate resources to protect important assets, and assist organisations in neutralising or counteracting a spectrum of both private and corporate client security concerns, including architectural, operational, electronic, procedural and contractual.

Our Multi-disciplinary Approach to Security Reviews

Our confidential security reviews are analytically bespoke, enabling our clients to maintain success, and profitability whilst sustaining their reputation. We implement an intelligence led approach to identify threats, whether targeted from individuals or activist groups, organised crime or terrorism.

With knowledge and experience gained from intelligence agencies, our consultants operate at the highest level, utilising operational requirements and best practice management relating to all security matters including the protection of critical national infrastructure.

For co-ordinated physical, technological and procedural security measures, our reviews form the foundations for an organisations security regime, under the headings of security programmes, policies, procedures, processes, technology and training. They incorporate responsibilities for preventing, detecting, investigating, responding to incidents, and ongoing monitoring and updating of the review itself. We also incorporate the security concept of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards, thus implementing effective use of the structured environment to reduce criminal opportunity.

Additionally, we are able to carry out behavioural profiling of employees, and interview those who interact directly and indirectly with our clients, their company and family. We can review the geographical spread of company assets to determine levels of exposure to the general public, and compartmentalise the review as a specific crime reduction survey with risk matrix to identify vulnerabilities and complacency. We are also able to enhance our services by implementing social engineering and penetration testing methodologies, acting as an ongoing practice to determine effectiveness of the overall security awareness programme.

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