Security Driver Services

Discreet Security and Safety En-route

In addition to our executive protection and protective surveillance services, we provide a one-to-one top tier secure presence with our security driver service. Through our strategic international partnerships, we are able to effectively transport our clients safely and securely wherever the destination, worldwide.

We co-ordinate with clients executive assistants on a daily basis, implement necessary route-planning and security advances, identify key services and areas en-route, review intelligence information and provide contingency plans and counter-surveillance as necessary.

With advanced driving capabilities to RoSPA gold certification, first aid and close protection training, our security drivers are able to detect and avoid possible threats such as hostile action en-route and when arriving or departing from venues. Professionally trained and familiar with the best luxury and sports vehicles, our drivers are also able to drive a client’s personal vehicle if preferred, and integrate immediately when a close protection team presence is required.

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