Super Yacht Security Solutions

Whether in Port or at Sea – Your Vessel is Secure

King’s Knight Group provides essential safety and peace of mind for yacht owners and their families, VIP guests and crews, and strategic protection of a vessel and it’s on board assets. We identify the level of risk facing a vessel and its owner, and provide solutions to deliver appropriate protection with minimal disruption to the owner’s lifestyle and travel itinerary.

Our personnel augment our superyacht services with escorting owners and guests safely ashore, arrange vehicles for land transportation whilst at port, carry out security planning and arrangements with venues for meetings and recreational activity, and cash handling.

Risk of kidnap, piracy and international terrorism requires a unique spectrum of countermeasures and security requirements for the superyacht community. Our security measures are implemented at the appropriate levels of response to any risk, tailored to individual client requirements and compliant with current legislation, international law and best management practice.

Our maritime personnel deliver the highest levels of service, confidentiality and discretion. Our services are assignment specific to the passage risk assessment. In areas of increased risk, we provide additional personnel and logistical support with appropriate specialist security equipment, and ensure crews are trained for security protocols and crisis responses, whether non-lethal or lethal countermeasures against acts of piracy and armed robbery.

We are able to operate directly from a yacht or provide security support from an accompanying vessel following the yacht along its itinerary. Either option enables us to identify any security and safety issues en-route and at each port of call. The latter approach has been successful for many clients who wish to maintain their privacy.

We have direct access to the latest technological advances in unobtrusive security systems and countermeasures, enabling our teams to offer both a physical and electronic deterrence whilst on board. We also work with yacht designers and architects, advising on integrating the best security systems to compliment new build and refurbishment of client’s luxury vessels.

Security Training For Crews

Our subject matter experts provide essential security training for yacht crews, enabling staff to plan ahead for mitigation and control security risks which may threaten those with less proactive and remedial strategies. We address any vulnerability and strengthen existing security regimes with modular training including; personal security awareness, counter-terrorism awareness, self-protection techniques, travel security initiatives, incident management, and conflict resolution strategies.

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