Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Counter-measures

Retaining Wealth and Influence, Restricting Access to Sensitive and Classified Information

Recent UK Government research indicates that approx. £27 billion GBP is lost per year through theft of information by acts of corporate espionage. Certain information in the wrong hands or at the wrong time can cause far reaching implications and devastating consequences.

Many more victims are experiencing being targeted by electronic surveillance, and an eavesdropper comes in many guises. These range from a member of a hostile intelligence service, a foreign government or multi-national competitor, through to activists, reporters, blackmailed company employees and former relationship partners. Whether a simple recording device or a sophisticated laser acoustic monitoring system, technical surveillance devices can now be easily purchased via the internet and deployed to gather information of sensitive activities, meetings and conversations.

A range of such equipment includes covert video cameras, remotely activated and voice activated microphones, digital recording equipment with memory cards which can be left in a sensitive area for retrieval at a later time, miniature radio transmitters and tracking devices. Such devices can be disguised as household items or office objects and hidden in plug sockets, electrical equipment, lighting, false ceilings, floors and furnishings.

These devices can transmit or receive across a spectrum of frequencies including am/fm/uhf. There are also gsm or mobile based listening devices, wifi transmitters, infrared bugs and light modulated transmitters, devices which do not transmit radio frequencies and those which attach to any accessible wiring.

All of these are used to obtain information relating to a multitude of scenarios from private matters of high profile individuals, to commercial mergers, privileged information of product launches, to political and government discussions.

Technical Sweeps

We utilise personnel, processes and sophisticated technical equipment to detect any presence of electronic surveillance equipment. Our counter-surveillance operatives employ a set of countermeasures to reduce such risks, highlighting any related areas of concern or potential security vulnerabilities. Our systematical ‘bug sweeping’ inspections of all assets and specific environs involves assessing the electromagnetic spectrum for indication of transmissions, with physical searching and visual inspections of items including power, data and telephone cabling.

Any anomalies are investigated and presented in a post operational confidential report with any recommendations to our client for an appropriate planned response. We mitigate any subsequent threat and respond to technical surveillance against our clients by monitoring movement of the perpetrator and device, or removing any device for forensic examination. We may then destroy the equipment to protect and maintain information security, or liaise with the law enforcement community on behalf of our clients in respect of public sector bodies.

In such a specialised field, we are proud to maintain a significant corporate, government and HNW client database, and act as a preferred sub-contractor to various international security service providers.

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