Travel Risk Management

Risk Reduction Strategies – A Global Network

Today’s international travel environment requires a re-evaluation of the perception of travel risk. We provide the insight, geographical reach and approach necessary for evolving needs of safety around the globe.

Our clients rely on us to protect their most valuable assets; their family, employees, businesses, residences and assets. As leaders in corporate protective security, we have extensive experience with many of the largest and most successful corporations on the world, giving us the reputation to thrive within complex, fast moving international business environments.

Whether students on a gap year expedition, an executive on international business or corporate in-country personnel, we prepare our clients to make proactive intelligence led decisions. We support this by providing ongoing credible information and critical advice to travellers, enabling them to receive early warnings of any disruptions to avoid or minimise risks to their safety.

Duty of Care

We fulfil an organisations duty of care obligations and commitment to safeguarding employee safety whilst protecting their brand. Recent trends have enhanced this necessity, including; globalisation, with organisations sending more employees to emerging markets and high-risk destinations; risk management, having risen high up on the agenda in corporate boardrooms; and legislation, with companies now under pressure to do everything reasonable in looking after their employees since the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Systematic Tracking and Monitoring

We facilitate secure movement of travelling employees and assets abroad, using real time technology to record positioning and movement at any given moment. We offer escalation services to ensure a positive response in event of an incident, and have regular contact through a pre-determined communication structure, whilst our intelligence network monitors region specific significant changes within country for any emerging concerns relevant to each traveller.

Travel Risk Report

We develop pre-travel executive intelligence assessments, detailing geopolitical analysis that may affect safe travel throughout the itinerary, security risk summaries on terrorism, criminal hotspot activity, emerging events such as protests, and information security, with recommendations and business impact intelligence. We also provide specifics on religion and cultural etiquette, maps, emergency contacts and contingency plans including; safe havens, medical information and facilities, and evacuation procedures in event of a crisis.

Operational Services and Logistics

Our network of intelligence resources supports our dynamic journey management, enhanced by options for provision of advance security teams to conduct route analysis and reconnaissance, provide a general overview of the security environment prior to a client’s arrival and deliver a formal safety briefing when needed; executive protection operatives; anti-kidnap advisors; security drivers and armoured vehicles; interpreters; our security concierge service to organise VIP arrangements worldwide including scheduled flights and private air charter, secure hotels and private accommodation; tracking and monitoring; and worldwide assistance with incident response and evacuation teams where necessary.

Travel Policies and Procedures

We design travel policies enabling organisations to fulfil their responsibilities in managing employee safety and welfare, and setting the level of service required from any third party providers. Our travel polices integrate with existing business continuity and crisis management response plans, identifying relevant threats and evaluating these in relation to the traveller’s profile. We then set an acceptable level of risk for the organisation and the traveller within the mission specific environment. We monitor for any change or compromise within the mitigation strategy and respond effectively to any occurrence with a continuous 24/7 process.

Corporate Travel Security Training

One of the greatest dangers in today’s hostile environment, are executives embarking on international travel without professional security planning. Political instability, industrial espionage, threats of terrorism and rising crime statistics, have founded the necessity for our Travel Security Programme, designed to benefit company employees undertaking travel without a protective escort.

We are instrumental in the development and implementation of 21st century security training, highlighting prevalent security risks facing international corporations. Our course content includes;

  • threat assessment & management
  • conflict management strategies
  • personal security awareness, observation & procedures
  • defensive driving & armoured car capabilities
  • residential, office, hotel, airport & in-flight security
  • vehicle selection & security
  • asset protection & risk reduction
  • countermeasures against physical confrontation
  • identification of and avoidance of risk
  • preparation for overseas travel & security protocols
  • communication & reporting procedures
  • specific in-country preparation and information resources
  • intelligence & professional travel support services
  • anti-kidnap strategies & immediate response to disappearance
  • risk reduction & best practice for high risk environments
  • expatriate security & terrorism risk analysis
  • recognition & variations of IED’s

From strategy to implementation, we maintain a quality of excellence, sharing best practices to continually improve and raise standards within our industry. Our holistic approach adapts to international business cultures and the lifestyles of our clients. Our bespoke travel risk management solutions reduce risks relating to global business travel and operations, and are founded with a thorough understanding of our client’s operational commitments and values.

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