Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Security Services

Creating a Productive, Safe and Secure Environment for our Clients, Worldwide.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, often referred to as drones, offer rapid situational awareness and a range of surveillance and monitoring security applications including;

  • possible hostile reconnaissance or protestor activity
  • perimeter surveillance and response
  • industrial inspection and surface pipeline monitoring
  • environmental surveillance
  • ability to view difficult to access areas on country estates
  • strategies for gathering information i.e. monitoring of crowd control for sporting events
  • real-time monitoring of external locations for production companies
  • monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • photography for preserving evidence
  • surveillance of illegal activities
  • anti-terrorism operations
  • surveillance at international summits and conventions

Our pilots are approved by and operate in accordance with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Using advanced multi-rotor drone technology, we are able to provide high quality photography and 4K/UHD resolution videography, with safety and client security at the heart of all activity.

We utilise drones for discrete and almost silent surveillance, reducing risk to exposure and reducing costs, enabling inspections to be implemented on a more frequent basis. We are therefore able to keep ahead with dynamic security related decision making, enabling ground force units to detect and monitor potential threats in real time from a safe distance, and then co-ordinate an appropriate risk informed security response.

Deployment of UAV’s gives us the competitive edge with many of our security services. They are instrumental in the future of our overall security management infrastructure, giving us detailed information enabling effective analysis and risk management. However, they also now play a technological role in presenting threats to privacy of those in the public eye.

Anti-Drone Technology Against Hostile UAV’s – Countermeasures and Protection

Many celebrities and executives have been pried on from the air with their activities and movements captured in real-time. Sensitive locations such as personal residences can be scouted by UAV’s and intelligence gathered, which could reveal weaknesses in a security arrangement.

The detection and monitoring of hostile use of UAV’s allows us an option to take a passive approach and relocate our clients, change their security structure, and alert those necessary before any breach of privacy can be achieved.

According to the operational environment, detection relies on small radars, cameras, and devices installed on residences and around specific perimeters. Once a hostile UAV is detected, the detection system alerts the security team accordingly to take appropriate action, which may include a more active approach involving the neutralisation and taking down of a hostile UAV.

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