Training & Development

Turnkey Initiatives in Preparation for a Safer Tomorrow

Our subject matter experts are dedicated to enhance professional excellence within the protective security industry. We offer bespoke training opportunities to corporate personnel, law enforcement, military and government agencies worldwide. We deliver the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable our clients to operate in challenging environments and succeed worldwide.

For international corporations, we offer a spectrum of effective security risk strategies. Our realistic training programmes are tailored to sensitive global issues and the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it is personal security awareness, travel security initiatives, anti-kidnap strategies or defensive driving instruction, our courses are built on best practice management.

Our business ethos follows certain criteria in developing and measuring the effectiveness of our training programmes. The bespoke planning of any course structure develops a strategic approach, and establishes priorities to achieve maximum results in respect of knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours required. Our design and development identifies specific initiatives and objectives from both a personal and organisational perspective. We also conduct a post training analysis to measure improved contribution to positive performance. Through this process, we ensure our clients are able to fully command asset definition, vulnerability analysis and operational security measures for implementation.

Overseas Governments and Law Enforcement Training Division

We address all aspects of security planning to provide our clients with a security master plan that serves as a coordinated and cohesive security solution. Our training services include development of a training needs analysis, assessment of existing security programs to identify physical, operational, any procedural weaknesses, and identification of potential countermeasures to minimize the probability of an event. We clarify specific requirements to enhance knowledge and the practical application of strategies required for Critical National Infrastructure, Government Agencies, Police and Military training.

Specially chosen for their fields of expertise, our instructors head our Overseas Governments and Law Enforcement Training Division, and also form part of our Special Projects Group. They regularly enhance their own training and tactical skills, and are instrumental in the development of 21st century security training. From inception strategies to operational implementation, our Special Projects Group offers a complete security solution to many multi-national corporations, governments and administrations worldwide.

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